Solar Power And Solar Hot Water

Solar Power And Solar Hot Water

Solar Hot Water and Solar Power

Why solar Power and Solar Hot Water go together like cheese and crackers

Solar power (PV), which uses the sun as a natural energy source to generate and supply electricity for your home, is frequently associated with the word solar.Solar hot water, on the other hand, is a great method to lower your energy usage. As people use Australia’s abundant sunshine to heat water rather than relying on the grid, more and more Australians are beginning to understand its advantages.In this article, we’ll look at both solar technologies—solar power and solar hot water—and how they complement one another to offer you the best possible savings.

Why use solar hot water?

A solar hot water system is a wonderful place to start if you want to go solar because it will help you use less energy to heat water. Given that conventional water heating accounts for about 25% of the energy used by the typical Australian household, installing solar hot water could result in significant energy savings for your home. This technology uses the free energy from the sun to heat water.In comparison to solar power panels, solar hot water collectors are more efficient because they only require about one-third the amount of roof space.

Why use solar energy?

By utilising the sun’s free energy, solar power is a fantastic method to lower your energy costs and your reliance on energy providers. With more than 21% of residences equipped with rooftop solar PV, Australia has the greatest adoption of solar power internationally. Combining a solar water heater with a solar energy system to power your home will result in the greatest savings. The grid can then be supplied with any extra power.Both solar technologies operate together to provide the greatest savings for you and your family. Having both solar technologies could help you minimise your reliance on energy companies by utilising one of the most plentiful, reliable sources of energy we have available: our Australian sun.

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