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Rheem Roof Mounted Solar Hot Water Systems (Hiline) - RHEEM HILINE® & PREMIER HILINE®

How Do Roof Mounted Solar Hot Water Systems Work?

In a Hiline open circuit or direct system, the water from the tank flows into the solar collectors where it is heated and flows back into the tank.
Rheem Premier Hiline® systems use a closed circuit or indirect system. The solar heating fluid flows from the heat exchanger into the solar collectors and back again where the heat is then transferred into the water in the tank.
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Rheem Ground Mounted Solar Hot Water Systems (Loline) - RHEEM LOLINE® & PREMIER LOLINE®

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How Do Ground Mounted Solar Hot Water Systems Work?

The water from the tank in a Loline open circuit or direct system is circulated up into the solar collector, where it is heated before returning to be stored in the tank.
The Rheem Premier Loline range of closed circuit or indirect systems use a solar heating fluid which is pumped up to the solar collectors before returning to transfer heat gained from the solar collectors to the water in the tank using its advanced technology in the heat exchanger. The Premier Loline range provides full freeze protection and is also suitable for harsh water areas.

Apricus Solar Hot Water Systems

Apricus is Australia’s leading evacuated tube solar hot water supplier.

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How do Apricus Solar Hot Water Systems Work?

The Apricus system combines a solar roof collector with a storage tank and when the sun is not shining an electric or gas booster is used to ensure hot water.