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Rheem Ambiheat HDc270 Heat Pump
The AMBIHEAT HDc-270 Heat Pump have the new technology 270L capacity heat pump which is a smart, energy-efficient alternative for all areas where a traditional solar water heater may not be worked. It uses the heat from the surrounding air and doesn’t rely on the sunlight to heat your water and provides a reliable, efficient, and sustainable way to reduce your water heating energy consumption. 

The advanced wrap-around microchannel heating technology for uniform and faster water heating makes it suitable for cold climates with an operating range from -6°C to higher ambient temperatures.

Solar Hot Water Installation



A Rheem solar hot water system or heat pump system are both excellent environmental and energy-saving advances. Plumbing and Hot water Service systems work by receiving energy from the sun’s rays, while heat pumps convert heat from the atmosphere and transfer it into water stored in the tank.

These Plumbing and Hot water Services help reduce energy use from fossil fuels and consequently reduce greenhouse gas emissions and pollution. You can help the atmosphere by installing a Rheem solar hot water or heat pump system, you could also experience substantial savings on your household hot water power use with a range of systems proficient of saving between 60% to an astonishing 80%

Solar Hot Water Zone map


Rheem solar and heat pump hot water systems are available for smallscale Technology Certificates (STCs). STCs result in a financial benefit, under a Federal Government legislated scheme to encourage the installation of renewable vitality systems. The number of STCs you are entitled to differ depending on your system scope, performance, appearance, and installation location. STCs provide you with a financial benefit, with a reduction in the cost of your installed system.


Solar Hot water Specialist Solar Water Heaters

This was an installation we recently developed in Buderim for Mrs. Smith. The total cost was $5400.00 incl GST fully installed with all plumbing and electrical and we even take the old hold water system away and leave nothing for Mrs. Smith to clean up. This included the full stainless steel model with a factory 10-year tank and panel warranty and 5 years of parts and labor. Also included in this is the renewable effectiveness rebate and Rheem’s current trade-in promotion.
Mrs. Smith is especially delighted to be helping the ecosystem and reducing the cost of heating her water by up to 80%. 

Beat rising power prices with solar hot water. With a Solar water heater, you can enjoy big additions to your energy use and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions. Bar Plumbing with Rheem hot water systems uses a range of technologies to produce effective and cost-effective solar water heating solutions for all Australian climates.

  • Quality service
  • Reliable after-sales service.
  • Honest solar advice
  • Offering sustainable, energy-efficient solar hot water systems that can conceivably save you up to 80% 
  • Solar Water Heaters produced by Rheem ( Rheem manufacturing in Australia for over 80yrs)
  • Govt Rebates and Rheem Solar Hotwater purposes available
  • Zip financing offers from 24 MIF to 48 MIF

All service warranty work is to be carried out by James. Bar Plumbing takes their customer’s trust for all their products and work.

Minimum repayment options
Weekly payments
Fortnightly payments
Monthly payments


Roof Mounted Stainless steel Solar Hot water system

If your home is in a temperate or tropical location not subject to frost and you have sufficient water chemistry, then the Rheem 52L Series System immediately heats the water as it thermosiphons through the collectors and grows back into the storage tank. 

  • The thermosiphons process continues while the sun is shining given you and your family ample water. 
  • Stainless Cylinder
  • Booster – your choice of an electric element or 6-star continuous flow gas, to keep you in hot water when the isn`t shining.
  • Full mains pressure from multi outlets.
  • Eligible for STCs.
    Cylinder 10 Year warranty
    L & CSA2007

The factory has given a 10-year tank and panel warranty, five years parts, and labor.

Only Available Through For a Free In Home Consultation Call Your Nearest Rheem Specialist On 1300 38 1980 | 0403 921 887

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Rheem 180 litre single panel roof mounted stainless steel system 1-3 people.
Want to know more call James.
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0403 921 887

Rheem 300 litre 2 panel roof mounted stainless steel system 3-5 people.Want to know more call James.
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Rheem 300 litre 2 panel roof mounted FROST PROTECTED stainless steel system 3-5 people. Want to know more call James.
1300 38 1980
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Rheem Lo-Line system gas boosted solar hot water.
Want to know more call James.
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Rheem Lo-line system electric boosted solar hot water.
Want to know more call James.
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Rheem Lo-Line system FROST PROTECTED gas boosted.
Want to know more call James.
1300 38 1980
0403 921 887

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    5 star review  Very efficient service, guys were professional, pleasant and efficient. A speedy service indeed. Hot water back in 10 minutes. Thank you Bar Plumbing.

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    5 star review  The guys at Bar Plumbing just installed our new Rheem solar hot water system. Excellent customer service, transparent approach, very punctual and the install was done in a really professional manner. Highly recommend James and the team.

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    September 4, 2020

    5 star review  The service was prompt and friendly with good product knowledge. Thank you very much.

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    5 star review  I would like to praise James and the team, perfect communication from the initial contact to the install, turned up on time, clean and tidy install. Well done guys.

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    February 3, 2021

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