Top tips for successful solar hot water system installation

Top tips for successful solar hot water system installation

Are you tired of rising costs for your hot water system? Solar power is a great way to save on your energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.Tapping into Australia’s fantastic climate, a solar hot water heater can help reduce your energy use and ensure you are driving down the cost of running your home or business.

Tips for choosing a great solar hot water system

Are you considering solar hot water installation? Be sure to consider the tips below so you get the most out of solar for your home or office.Explore the size of your roof – your roof is where you will need to install the solar panels, so get up and measure the space you have available to understand what you can install solar panel-wise. Consider the position of the solar panels and which area is north facing to ensure you maximise the rays of sun that will hit the panels and convert them into solar power.Get some quotes for a complete solution – many solar hot water companies will promote amazing prices but fail to deliver on service and workmanship. Ask around and find someone in your local area and offers a high-quality installation and after service guarantee on all work.Ensure you get the right number of solar panels for your needs – your solar panel or solar hot water installer can measure up your space and also calculate the right number of panels for your family or property, for example, a four-person family will usually need at least a 300-litre solar hot water system and two panels.

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Solar hot water heaters and heat pumps work to reduce your energy consumption and ensure you have super-hot showers all year round without the high energy bills.If you care about the environment and want to install a solar hot water system that is kind to the environment, explore Rheem solar hot water systems and hot water heaters.

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With a full range of services, Bar Plumbing are the experts for hot water systems in Caloundra. Generous solar incentives mean that you can save big bucks on your electricity with solar power.Services include Gas Electric Hot Water Systems, Stainless Steel Solar systems, Solar Hot Waters and all available with no deposit interest-free solutions. If you’re interested in finding out more, get in touch with James today from Bar Plumbing.Bar Plumbing supply and expertly install the latest and most efficient Rheem solar hot water systems in Australia. Need a quote? Get in touch today on 1300 38 1980 or 0403 921 887.Bar Plumbing and Rheem Solar Hot Water are two of the most respected names on the Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas for the supply and expert installation of the latest and most efficient Rheem solar hot water systems in Australia.

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