Solar Water Heaters

Using solar energy

To heat water is an effective way to use Australia’s abundant sunshine, save energy, save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Solar Water Heaters (SWHs) make up around 13 per cent of all hot water systems used in Australia.

Installation is important and depending on your location, direction of solar panels and the amount of water you use, a SWH could provide 50 to 90 per cent of your hot water needs.

What is a solar water heater?

A solar water heater uses energy from the sun to heat water for your home. Solar panels on your roof collect energy from the sun’s rays to heat water which flows to a storage tank, ready for use.

There are many different types and configurations of solar water heaters available. It is important to select the type that is most suitable to your family size, climate, house type, roof characteristics, water quality, available space and aesthetic preferences.

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How does it work?

Cold water flows from the tank to the solar collector, usually positioned on your roof. In a split system like the one shown below, cold water is pumped up to the collector. In a thermosiphon system where the tank is mounted on the roof above the collectors, cold water flows naturally into the collector because it is heavier than hot water.
The solar collector is made of materials that absorb heat from the sun very efficiently. The cold water travels through the collector and the heat in the collector heats up the water, which returns to the tank
Hot water rises to the top of the tank and colder water is taken from the bottom and returned to the solar collector. When you use hot water, it is taken from the top of the tank where the water is hottest.

The two most common types of SWHs are close-coupled thermosiphon systems and split systems. Consumers can choose between many component types to suit the needs of the home. Generally you can select:

Boosting options
Gas (natural or LPG)
Flat plate panels
Evacuated tube collectors
System configuration
Split systems
Electronic controls

Close-coupled thermosiphon

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Installing a Rheem solar water heater is a great way to lower your household’s energy use. And, with government incentives still available, it just makes sense.

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