Why trust Bar Plumbing with your hot water

Bar Plumbing provides a broad range of hot water products installation and sales for Rheem hot water; we also provide excellent support, we also provide you with Solar Hot Water, repair service, supply & install new hot water systems for every purpose.

Our team will ensure we see your job through from start to finish, with over 30 years of plumbing experience, our installations are second to none.
With a full range of products, wewill provide you with the right solution to suit your needs, location, and property. From Heat Pumps to Gas and Electric Boost Systems as well as split lo line systems, we have the system that is just right for you and your family. Bar Plumbing can also assist with the installation of Photo Voltaic (PV) Solar electricity.Choose the right Rheem Gas Electric Hot Water System for your hot water needs now and in the future.
Do you need a plumber on the sunshine coast to install your Gas Electric Hot Water System, talk to James at Bar Plumbing he will discuss with you the best and cheapest option for your hot water system needs?
It’s important to choose the right Gas Electric Hot Water System to meet your needs both now and as your family grows.
When considering your options think about your hot water usage patterns as the number of people using hot water from different outlets at the same time, and whether you are likely to use more hot water at certain times of the day.
Your needs will also depend on the water conditions, climate and water pressure in your area….if you’re not sure, ask James.

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