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How to Choose a Solar Hot Water System

There are so many options for solar hot water system these days and it can be difficult to sort through the various options and know what’s right for you. Have a read over our top tips for choosing a solar hot water system and then give us a call with any questions.

Roof Size

Explore the size of your roof – your roof is where you will need to install the solar panels, so get up and measure the space you have available to understand what you can install solar panel-wise. Consider the position of the solar panels and which area is north facing to ensure you maximise the rays of sun that will hit the panels and convert them into solar power.

Solar Panels

Ensure you get the right number of solar panels for your needs – your solar panel or solar hot water installer can measure up your space and also calculate the right number of panels for your family or property, for example, a four-person family will usually need at least a 300-litre solar hot water system and two panels.


Get some quotes for a complete solution – many solar hot water companies will promote amazing prices but fail to deliver on service and workmanship. Ask around and find someone in your local area that offers a high-quality installation and after service guarantee on all work.