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Bar Plumbing are the Hot Water Systems Specialist on the Sunshine Coast, We are also the number one Rheem solar hot water specialist on the Sunshine Coast.

Rheem Stellar® is synonymous with the best in gas hot water providing superior energy efficiency and hot water recovery. For 20 years, hundreds of thousands of Australian families have appreciated Stellar’s high performance ability to service many showers at once.

Now Rheem Stellar® adds even more innovation and performance with the addition of Stellar Electric Stainless Steel to the range. Available in sizes from 50 litres to 315 litres, Stellar Electric Stainless Steel water heaters are designed and built in Australia.

Ask James for a free evaluation on your hot water system and how to save money using Solar on your hot water.

A Rheem solar hot water or heat pump system are both excellent environmental and financial investments. They can significantly reduce

fossil fuel energy use and consequent pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Not only are you helping the environment by installing a Rheem solar hot water or heat pump system, you could also enjoy substantial savings on your household hot water energy use of up to 73%*. If your home is in the tropics, you could save up to 85%* of your hot water energy use.

The Federal Government solar incentives can reduce your initial investment making a Rheem solar hot water or heat pump system not only a good choice for the environment but also for your pocket. Ask your local Rheem Solar Specialist how much you will save.

Check the Rheem product list for Solar That Saves

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