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This is the bit of the site where our Solar Specialists get to share their thoughts, tips, and opinions on the ever changing
Solar system technology and world of BAR Plumbing.

We have a sincere devotion to spreading sustainable energy around Queensland, Australia.

Thank you James and all the team.

Start your Solar journey with our Rheem Solar Specialists, Queensland. We have got you covered!

We have got you covered!
You are probably thinking why you should purchase a hot water solar system or heat pump
and enter the realm of renewable energy. An area in which you probably do not have any knowledge about. However, you are
interested to do your part for the environment, probably wanting to save some hard-earned money
and get away from these powerhouse electrical monopolies who never offer any discounts or
incentives despite your loyalty. You must be thinking how much this is going to save you in the
long term. Well we are here to give you all the guidance and knowledge you are looking for.

Generating and utilising your own solar power especially for a hot water system and heat hump,
could easily cut your energy bills drastically especially with the abundance of sunshine in Caloundra, Queensland
and with our 0% interest flexible plan spread over 48 months, it is a
very affordable and viable solution. Plus, by using the power of the sun to run your hot water,
you can be sure the energy you generate is from a renewable source! Continue to read more…

A complete solar system for your home is only so when you have Hiline & Loline Solar hot water systems.

Utilising solar panels to generate your own solar power at home is just the start. By adding
the latest technology Hiline and Loline Solar hot water system you can store the energy in which you
produce during the day to use at night when you are looking for a hot shower, run a bath or the kitchen taps.

And with our weatherproof
and UV resistant copper materials, you can be sure that nothing will go wrong. BAR Plumbing specialist care solar team will be there to
support you should anything go wrong; you can relax and enjoy the energy you generate.

As one of Queensland’s most established and efficient solar providers, we also keep our customers
updated with the latest government rebates and incentives when installing our hot water systems! Ensuring a fast-efficient plumbing service.

This is not a trend but a revolution. Join the solar movement & help sustain the planet.

Watch your energy flow around your home, thanks to BAR Plumbing.

Tailored just for you.
If you use Bar Plumbing, Caloundra you’ll receive access to our entire range of long-term incentive
schemes and support, we will be there to advice you every step of the way. As you start to become sustainable
and make positive contributions to your local neighbourhood and start saving some money, you will see you were a
vital contributor to the solution and not the problem.

You can watch the energy flow throughout your home, without
any negative vibes lingering on your consciousness.
Make a change
Reduce your monthly bills
Improve your self-sufficiency
At the best possible price!
First class Workmanship & Queensland ‘s best solution!
Solar Power Generation in the sunshine coast of Caloundra, Queensland, Australia Since 1939.

Caloundra, Australia is certainly known for its warm and sunny climate and it should seem an
obvious country in which to generate energy from the sun. However, with the high budgets of
the electrical monopolies attempting to silence the solar power generation, we have to jointly
come together and spread through any means necessary and use the daylight to extract the sun’s energy,
meaning Australia can harness all the solar power. Bar Plumbing is looking to lead the solar revolution.

Australia’s solar radiation only averages and accounts for 58 million PJ, which is around
10 thousand times larger than its total energy consumption. Which is a colossal amount of heat that can be stored up!!
However, Australia’s current use of solar energy is exceptionally low accounting for only about 0.1 % of Australia’s total
primary energy consumption. And therefore, we are writing here today, to show the truth and get everyone rapidly on board.

The Future of Solar Power in Caloundra, Queensland
The current mass adoption of power plants and electromechanical generators have raised serious
concerns that its sheer scale is potentially damaging to local landscapes and Australia’s sunshine coast, wildlife and
increase traffic and pollution to the areas to both urban and rural regions. We hope to tackle these environmental
concerns with the projects at BAR Plumbing
As one of the most respected names on the Sunshine coast and surrounding areas, Bar Plumbing are striving to keep up
with technological advances and latest heat hump innovations, solar hot water system configurations and positioning ourselves
early on diverting our attention to the future of renewable energy.

We are looking to expand our Hiline & Loline solar hot water
systems across all regions of Australia. If successful, we can say farewell to ancient outdated, old technology that has plagued
and damaged Australia ‘s society and increase our solar capacity & utilisation significantly. Our team of specialised solar Hiline
& Loline developers are already on the cusp of new breakthroughs.

Learn more about our solar offers
Flexible finance
You can now spread the cost over 48 Months with our range of flexible finance options
and 0% finance.

Do your bit for the environment
By using the sun to generate cleaner, solar energy, you will also be cutting your carbon footprint.

Save money
Installing our Hot water solar systems could save you hundreds of
dollars a year on your electricity bills
Do it yourself
Protect yourself from rising energy prices by using the solar energy you produce to power your home.

Start your solar journey with our heat pumps, electric booster today.
And you can have hot showers all year round…
Even when the sun does not shine!
Hiline & Loline Solar hot water systems and Heat pumps
Making the choice to power your home with solar energy can be a big decision. We’ve shared stories on a range of solar topics from myth busting –
to help you separate the truth from the fiction, to how solar panels work – giving you a first-hand look at solar power in action. Read our other blog posts!
Read our blogs to discover more about solar power and how it could help us move towards a cleaner energy future.

How solar panels work
7 Solar myths busted
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