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Step forward with Rheem Solar

Solar Hot Water Bar Plumbing and the Sunshine Coast Installing clean, renewable Rheem Solar hot water is one of the simplest ways to dramatically cut your carbon emissions and contribute to a sustainable future. By using the natural power of the sun, a solar hot water system can benefit homes and businesses with long-term savings for years… Continue reading Step forward with Rheem Solar

Solar Water Heaters

Using solar energy To heat water is an effective way to use Australia’s abundant sunshine, save energy, save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Solar Water Heaters (SWHs) make up around 13 per cent of all hot water systems used in Australia. Installation is important and depending on your location, direction of solar panels and… Continue reading Solar Water Heaters

Solar Energy

The solar revolution on India’s rooftops is gaining momentum. The country added more rooftop solar power capacity in the last financial year than in the previous four years combined, making it the fastest-growing segment in the country’s clean energy space. During the financial year 2017, some 715 megawatts (MW) of systems were added, up from… Continue reading Solar Energy

90 percent energy self-sufficiency almost reached

Solar energy efficiency.With a combination of a 34 kW photovoltaic installation, energy storage, and a small wind turbine energy pioneer Andreas Haehnel reaches over 80% energy self-sufficiency. An electric heating system electric car charging is integrated. “Not for me!”, said Andreas Haehnel. In a land where the conventional electric power system looms over the energy… Continue reading 90 percent energy self-sufficiency almost reached